Best known as The Love Artist, in homage to my 10 year True Love Project, a ongoing conceptual performance, I have professed to “love the world one person at a time for one hour, one day, one afternoon or early morning to the best of my ability, unconditionally and with unmitigated passion.”

I carried this work worldwide, loving people in whatever form is appropriate, from unconditional to romantic and everything in between, in their homes and work places as well as galleries, museums, shrines and sacred sites. My current social engagement project, The MA Platform ~ an extended, international web of feminine devotional practices ~ is also based on ephemeral, palpable touch & connection, sometimes across great distances.

The most significant resources for The School of Invisible Arts come from these grand embraces of intimacy: the above mentioned art practices, the depth of my relationships with my three daughters & now two granddaughters, my service in many communities across the country & the world. It was as Founder of The Fana Foundation ~ an arts, mentorship & community service umbrella for marginalized youth ~ & as Artistic Director of the award-winning Shadow Writing Project ~ utilizing creative writing as a therapeutic tool for traumatized teenagers ~ that I began to weave my personal love story into a vehicle for inner work for social change.

Izzo enacts a doubling of the notion that art takes over where spirituality left off. In the audacity of her undertaking she points to both the commodification & trivialisation of arts potential & sets the field for its homecoming to spirit.

Shiraz Bayjoo
Kathe and her lovely family