Come Again



A Virtual
Astro/Kundalini/Orgasmic Intensive
Wednesday, October 6
Libra New Moon
6-9 pm EDT

On September 27, Mercury will go Retrograde, underlining a spot in your chart, (3 TIMES) wherever mid-Libra falls . . .  accentuating the desire for beauty, love, brilliance & recognition.

No worries if you know NOTHING about Astrology.
Your chart will be prepared & you will have a short 
description of this Mercury Retrograde before class begins.

Here is a tiny nibble of my thoughts on how Mercury Retrograde works in our Astral Template:

What does this mean for you?

In this prayer/class we will learn & utilize various tools to clear default, limiting responses to intimacy & open communication, making fluid plans for expression & then USING THEM. Opening pathways for expanded orgasmic frequency.

Let’s get real with what is happening now  & not in what might happen next. Ground yourself in your body 
& in the ability to give & receive more love & understanding.

This Live Streaming Course will include:

  • A curated Kundalini practice preparing you to receive instruction in allowing & receiving the truth about your past & the even bigger truths about your future.
  • A simple Astrological understanding of this particular Mercury Retrograde by looking at the progression of the last two Retrogrades this year.
  • A Writing & Sharing Practice
  • Orgasmic Frequency Meditation & Movement
  • Recording will be available for streaming or download.