Learning to Pray With The Moon

{illustration by ruth best & the alchemy of the arc of doves ~
based on the luna ship archetype developed by kathe izzo}

Create a Focused Lunar Prayer through Writing & Meditation

“I have learned & opened myself so much this month. The words you’ve written feel like they were written specifically for me, like you knew me personally & my journey. I’ve been given the opportunity to experience so many moments of pure joy. I really didn’t know I could feel this way, or release so much of the fear I was holding in my nervous system.” 

The core curriculum of The Luna Ship.

A self-study tutorial & personal meditation practice anchored in the cycles of utilizing both the classic Quarter Moon framework as well as The Maiden/Mother/Enchantress/Hag paradigm for further personal nuance.

Guidance in:

  • Building a simple altar
  • Setting a clear intention &/or prayer for the month based on the expansion & contraction cycle
  • Recipes, essences, journaling prompts & a variety of meditation practices chosen according to the astrological configurations of the current moment
  • Personal Lunar mantras

This curriculum is available through within the High Garden & Luna Ship & also via in-person & virtual intensives/retreats.