Orgasmic Frequency

Moving with the Invisible

β€œThere was a time when you were not a slave, remember that. You walked alone, full of laughter, you bathed bare-bellied. You say you have lost all recollection of it, remember . . . You say there are no words to describe this time, you say it does not exist. But remember. Make an effort to remember. Or, failing that, invent.”

Monique Wittig

Orgasmic Frequency is a movement practice utilizing stillness, deep listening, embodied prayer & intimacy. Influenced by the Amerta teachings of Javanese movement artist Suprapto (Prapto) Suryodarmo as well as other intuitive forms that contemplate the relationship of the body to nature.

Immeasurable Heavens. Right here.

Best utilized in conjunction with other meditation practices such as Kundalini, Yoga Nidra & other threshold entry points, Orgasmic Frequency builds a steady & continuous awareness of Source energy, increasing the ability to hold the Orgasmic Field throughout the day, enhancing flow, creativity, pleasure & connection.

I literally had to go to the chiropractor to accommodate the space we are creating.

Carissa, Educator & Lover

An Orgasmic Frequency Meditation

As is true throughout The School of Invisible Arts, all material will be taught in a manner that respects & explores {& utilizes cultural reparations when appropriate} the teachers/cultures/ancestry of any practices that are not my own.

The Orgasmic Frequency Teachings are available within the High Garden & Luna Ship & also via in-person & virtual intensives/retreats.