The Debrief


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“Kathe has a beautiful way of modeling the intuitive flow & willingness to trust the process. The Debrief elevated & increased my astrology abilities dramatically with the encouragement to trust my own sense of what is shown …)”


“I loved loved loved being thrown into the deep end.


β€œThe Debrief was a heart & mind expanding five-week exploration of my natal chart which laid a solid foundation of knowledge for ongoing self-study.”

~ 2021 Debrief participants

Our breakthrough moments come by taking action where we were once timid or gave others power.
Build your confidence & self reliance.

Tune into your innate awareness while guided to deeper levels of knowledge through a fluid teaching method based on interactive learning.

Learn to read Astrological Charts beginning with your own birth chart.

No Dogma.
No New Age Speak.

Simple. Clear. Truth.

Know yourself more.

Using a unique intuitive style,
we will gaze into the maps of our own birth & learn to trust ourselves:  our intuition, the soul choices that brought us
to this life & to this very moment.

  • One weekly Zoom group classes (Wednesday evenings 6:30-8 pm EST): I will present current materials & also model my intuitive process, giving speed readings of the charts of each participant present
  • 30 minute optional Q&A with Kathe weekly (Saturday mornings 10 am EST)
  • Small Group homework: Reading each other’s charts from the first week & writing prompts on personal charts.
  • Weekly Study Packages: Videos, worksheets & meditations.
  • Access to Private classroom with Group Chat & Private Messaging

This is a class that can be repeated several times.
Each round is different, intuition deepens
 &, of course, repetition in Astrology is key.

There will be a Debrief Round Two later this summer
focusing on transits & various progressions &
there will be a discount for those who have taken the initial Debrief course.

Live Zoom Classes
& Intimate Group Practice Sessions

First come, first serve.
Group will be limited to 12 people.