The Debrief


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Kathe is ardent at maintaining close one-on-one coaching & mentorship throughout the process of the course; there is a transmission of wisdom here that goes beyond the material. I found this to be perhaps the most valuable gift herein. 

~ Katya Silvinskaya, astrologer, health coach

Our breakthrough moments come by taking action where we were once timid or gave others power.

Build your confidence & self reliance.

Tune into your innate awareness while guided to deeper levels of knowledge through a fluid teaching method based on interactive learning.

It is true: the only way out is through.

Practice makes perfect & why not start with your own birth chart, the map of your embodied perfection.

Learn to read Astrological Charts with your heart leading.
You are already there.

  • Two weekly Zoom group classes: I will both present current materials & model my process, giving speed readings of the charts of each participant present
  • Small Group homework: Reading each other’s charts from the first week
  • Weekly Study Packages: Videos, worksheets & meditations enabling you to begin to understand your own chart & trajectory
  • Access to Private classroom with Group Chat & Private Messaging

Live Zoom Classes
& Intimate Group Practice Sessions

First come, first serve.
Group will be limited to 12 people.