The MA Platform


β€œWhen we are connected to the source of our being, there is little need for protocol, because the Spirit directs our every move in every moment & the result is a ceremony & indeed an entire life, of constant, heaven-sent beauty . . . order, not the order of control, but the higher order of loving truth.”

Kristen Elizabeth Woodruff

Because of the organic structure of their consciousness, women cannot help but stare into the Void, the Vastness, the Mystery that is the Origin of All Things. The Great Mother. The Original Mother.

The MA.

The MA Platform originated on Winter Solstice 2018 as a 24/7 prayer organized in a simple structure of continuity:

84 participants, invoking the MA in their own way for 2 hours each & handing the prayer to the next participant via the internet, phone lines, telepathy, covering every hour in the week, from altar to altar.

From Winter Solstice 2020 to this past Summer Solstice we continued to meet in virtual devotion with morning & evening prayers.

Currently the MA is carried through each participant into their personal lives & communities. The circle is continually expanding.

The definition of what it means to be a Woman in The MA Platform is open across gender interpretation & embodiment including all Shakti Transmuters: Women/Transwomen & Gender Non-Binary.