High Garden

A 6 month Sacred Coaching Commitment from Solstice to Solstice

“Kathe is deeply kind & there’s some tough love in there too.You will find yourself in the middle of the journey to save your own life, in a dark wood, with a guide who’s discovering the landscape with you. She’s funny as hell, just as awed as you are & beautifully rooted in the technology of Love”

~ Jennie P, Artist & Poet

Powerful results inside a loving & continuous container.

This in-depth counsel will support you in the balance between reach & tenderness, dreams & reality, service & self-care. Beyond all else, it enables you to take a breath & know that you believe in yourself, because your dreams are seen & valued.

Kathe offering elixir

The Promise of High Garden:

  • High Garden is the one offering of mine where I focus on a few select clients, keeping you present on my altar & available even while traveling or otherwise unavailable for private work
  • 2 hour-long personal coaching sessions monthly
  • Customized Somatic Process backed by writing & meditation opening up intuition & accountability to support your dreams, projections & integrity
  • Access to a library of video teachings & imprints to support & facilitate your practice
  • Discounted or complimentary entrance to my live & virtual events

Private sessions can include:

  • Astrological tutorial &/or consultation
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Beauty Training
  • Meditation Support
  • Pure (& sometimes strict!) Mama Love